Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meet The Artists: Laurie Jane and the 45's

Laurie Jane and The 45's will appear Saturday, August 26th at the Kenlake Hot August Blues Festival! 

Laurie Jane and The 45's are currently generating a BIG BUZZ as a rising blues sensation. Already well known in the Kentuckiana area, Laurie Jane Jessup's vocals carry a torch for classic singers of the 40's and 50's while the band delivers Chicago blues swagger infused with the raw energy of the early days of Sun Records. Their soulful originals and unique interpretations of classics delight any blues-hungry audience. Laurie Jame and the 45's won over many new fans in Memphis earlier this year, while representing the Kentuckiana Blues Society in the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge, where she and the boys packed em in on Beale Street.

Laurie Jane and The 45's are a band of best friends, brothers, a husband and a wife. Their sound is a melting pot of 1950's big-city electric blues with the high energy sounds of early rockabilly and soul. Laurie Jane's jazz-influenced vocals, sincere and restrained, float across the depths of Cort Duggins' 12-string slide guitar and deep blues picking. Jason Embry's upright bass and Scott Dugdale's drums lay down raucous, swinging backbeats.  They are indeed one of today's blues scene's rising stars! 

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